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Time zones in Antarctica

Antarctica is a continent located in the southern hemisphere and is almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle. It is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on Earth and is mostly covered in ice and snow. Antarctica has no permanent human population, but it is visited by researchers and support staff throughout the year.

Antarctica has no official time zones, as the continent has no permanent residents and no government. However, most research stations in Antarctica follow the time zone of the country that operates the station. For example, the United States operates the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, which follows New Zealand Time (UTC+12:00). Other countries that operate research stations in Antarctica include Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, and Russia.

Given the vast size of Antarctica and the fact that it spans multiple time zones, it is common for different parts of the continent to be at different times. For example, the Argentine research station at Esperanza is on Argentina Time (UTC-03:00), while the Russian research station at Vostok is on Moscow Time (UTC+03:00).

Move your cursor above that Antarctican country you want to see the current time for and click to view the time zone and your actual time details.


Scroll with your mouse to zoom, or use the zoom buttons on the left side of the map. For Google Street View, pull that small yellow man from the left side on the Antarctica map.

The following table lists the Antarctican time zone abbreviations.

Abbreviation Full name Other abbreviations Timezone
CAST Casey Time   UTC + 8 hours
DAVT Davis Time   UTC + 7 hours
MAWT Mawson Time   UTC + 5 hours
NZDT New Zealand Daylight Time   UTC + 13 hours
NZST New Zealand Standard Time   UTC + 12 hours

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